MasterChef June 26, 2012 Results 6/26/12

The home cooks are on their own once again for both challenges on MasterChef tonight. They will be preparing a dish for the mystery box challenge and another dish for the elimination test. Who will win the mystery box challenge having an edge at the competition? Who will be in danger of going home?

Ryan won the last mystery box challenge, in which he was given three rewards, including choosing which ingredient to give his fellow contestants. You might have disliked him last week for giving a live crab to Christine. Are you happy he has been kicked off last night after being in the bottom two with Tali? Ryan removed his apron acting on integrity. Do you think he deserves to go home instead of Tali?

Anyway, back to tonight’s competition. There are 13 home cooks left and for their mystery box challenge, their creativity will be tested as they will be provided with ingredients that are worth only twenty dollars. They must prove they can prepare a budget friendly but high-quality dish. Who will win this challenge? The winner will surely have an edge at the next challenge.

For the elimination test, the home cooks will recreate their favorite desserts. Who will make the most outstanding dish tonight? Whose dish will be named as the worst dish? Will Christine make the best dish once again? Will Tali make one of the worst dishes again and be in the bottom two for the fourth time? Who’s your favorite contestant in the show and who’s your least favorite?

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Update: Scott has been eliminated! Details will be provided later because I have to leave for some important matters. Thanks for understanding!

Recap –

Mystery Box challenge – the contestants have 60 minutes to make their dish. Mike, Tanya and Frank got a T-Bone steak, Becky a dessert, Tali a cold-steak.

Frank made grilled T-Bone steak with corn, slaw and cream sauce. Chef Ramsay it was good.

Tanya made Tarrago T-Bone steak with braised cabbage and corn puree.

Becky made caramelized peach with peaches and cream puree.

Mystery Box challenge winner – Tanya. Her advantage is that she don’t get to cook at the elimination test and she gets to choose which chefs will be making what dessert. Choices are tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and British trifle.

British trifle – Josh, Stacey, Becky and Monti

Strawberry shortcake – Scott, Mike, Tali and Christine

Tiramisu – Felix, David, Anna and Frank

Best dish goes to Stacey.

Bottom three – Felix, Scott and Becky.

Scott was sent home.


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  1. Can someone give me a link to a picture of Scott because I’m new at watching this and I don’t know the names yet hahaha sorry. And thank you 🙂

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