MasterChef June 27, 2011 Results 6/27/11

The top 15 contestants are going to flex their culinary muscles in another challenge which will test their skills in MasterChef June 27, 2011. Are they ready for the next batch of tasks? Who will wind up on the chopping block and be kicked off in MasterChef 6/27/11?

One of the contestants will stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. She’s going to make the judges, especially Joe Bastianich a bit mad for making a raw lamb. Meanwhile, another female contestant is going to bake a dessert which looks like soup. Will she be able to do something about it with just 6 minutes left? It’s not the women who make mistakes but guys as well. One of them will make a coffee filled beignets which seemed to be too bitter for a filling.

Will there be other home cook who will seemed to be doing all the wrong things? Who will be the next to be booted out by judges Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot?

Find out who will it be. The one who was eliminated on MasterChef June 27, 2011 results will be provided here.

UpdateAlvin Schultz was eliminated;

Adrien Nieto wins mystery box challenge

Bottom three

Jennie Kelley

Alvin Schultz

Max Kramer

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