MasterChef June 28, 2011 Results 6/28/11

MasterChef June 28, 2011 episode will have the top 14 face another challenges as they vie for a spot in the next round. Who’s your favorite so far in the competition? Will he or she be the next one who gets kicked off in MasterChef 6/28/11 results?

Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich will be arriving in style, all riding in a motorbike. Did they make it to make a statement of something? It’s because the homecooks are going to feed hungry bikers. They must prepare the food before they arrive. Who will give in to the pressure and who will still be composed? Which team will win the challenge?

Last night, it was Alvin who was sent home. Who will follow him?

Anyway, who was eliminated on MasterChef June 28,. 2011 results? Updates will be given here, as always.

UpdateMax Kramer was eliminated; We thought it should have been Christine;

Christine and Mark in pressure test

Pressure test – cook steak in rare, medium and well done – the one to cook the most consistent temperature remains

Christine is mad at Esther since Esther is the leader but she saved herself

8 thoughts on “MasterChef June 28, 2011 Results 6/28/11

  1. Gordon should have deep them both and eliminated Esther. Max is a cool customer. the others dislike him for no good reason.

  2. I agree, Gordon and the other two need to “grow a pair” and quit giving in to these girls that turn on the waterworks every time they think theyre getting eliminated. Its getting ridiculous!

  3. Max was over and above the better cook. These guys were a sucker for a crying blonde. But that was because they were intimidated by Max’s calm and assured demeanor for such a young chef. They also didn’t like his background as ‘the rich kid.’ Oh well, America is full of double standards (i.e., loves the $$ but hates the rich).

  4. I missed the last minute of elimination but based on your comment, the one to go home was Max! Poor child. He is so talent but a little bit conceit.

  5. Christine was kept because American loves to see a train wreck in action. Max was the cool customer and supposedly spoiled rich kid, and while people may love to hate him, he’s not worth big ratings. Watching Christine cry for the next few weeks will be more entertaining.

  6. I think there’s more than what meets the eye in this elimination. Max was hands down the better chef in this competition. Max, being the cocky sucker he is, took losing a little bit too well, also. I bet he was given a nice parting gift to throw in the towel.

  7. So ridiculous!!! I noticed the judges were WRONG when judging the rare, medium, and well done steaks for both Stephanie and Max. They were too critical, and in my opinion some of their steaks were spot on. However, it was obvious Max beat Stephanie. If Stephanie wasn’t crying, she would’ve been sent home. I love how Max doesn’t care what people think of him and is talented. People just don’t like him because he is 18 and is rich. He should come back!!

  8. Alright, so he’s gone. (few monts) later over here in Norway – but where can I get in touch with him after this ended competition? I mean, what kind of human being is either on twitter or facebook?

    Whatever, Max Kramer. I’ll find you, and I’ll hunt you down.

    Linnea, 21.

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