MasterChef June 5, 2012 Results 6/5/12

The season premiere of MasterChef season 3 continues tonight, June 5, 2012. Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot continue their quest to look for the best amateur cook. The contestants are trimmed down as the judges criticized their signature dishes. Some will be given the white apron while some will be sent home. Who will be the lucky contestants to be included in the top 18?

Last night, the aspiring cooks prepared their signature dishes for the judges to taste. Everyone was excited but not all of them got through. The first contestant who was given the white apron was Michael, who is only 18 years old. The judges loved his dumplings and scallion salad. How far will he get into the competition?

Another contestant who made it is Monti Carlo, who made a Puerto Rican Shepherd’s Pie. Another one was John who made jasmine rice and shrimp. But the highlight of the night went to Christine, who is the first blind contestant of the show. She made catfish with pickled veggies and rice. She was told there will be no special treatment for her while she’s at the competition. Her dish is one of the most delicious Mr. Ramsay had ever tasted. Could she be this season’s winner?

Meanwhile, one notable contestant who wasn’t given the white apron is Samantha, who is only high school student who is very passionate about cooking. She was asked to come back next year when she’s a little older.

Tonight, the auditions continue as the judges find the contestants who could be the next MasterChef. Who will impress the judges and who will go home?

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Some amateurs who made it to the next round are:

Felix – her dish was crispy risotto with steak tar tar and quail on top

Bubba – he made bacon wrapped venison

Frank – he made ravioli

Joel – he made Jamaican dish


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