MasterChef June 7, 2011 6/7/11 Auditions

Auditions continue tonight on MasterChef June 7, 2011 season premiere part 2. The judges continue to trim down the top 100 to to find the outstanding amateur chef. Who will impress the judges and who will not make it to the next round? Did you enjoy the episode last night?

30 progresses to the net round and we can’t wait to see those who will pass the challenge. By the way, the format is the same as last year where 6 chefs will be eliminated from this round and later on only 14 will remain. One test we like is the name the ingredient of a specific dish. How about you?

Anyway, we’ll post who the top 14 when the results are available in MasterChef 6/7/11 auditions.

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