MasterChef September 4, 2012 Results 9/4/12

The top three home cooks compete tonight on the first part of MaterChef’s season finale tonight. The final three are Christine, Becky and Josh. They will be facing the last mystery box challenge in which they must create an outstanding this. Then at the elimination test, one of them will be sent home, leaving two for the top spot.

The mystery box contains a blank cookbook with their photo on the cover. This will be a nice souvenir of their time in MasterChef, but for one of them, it will be filled with him or her recipes and will be in store shelves across the nation. Christine will dedicate the cookbook to her mom when asked to whom would she dedicate her cookbook. Josh will also do the same and Becky will also dedicate the cookbook to her parents.

The challenge for them is to reflect on their culinary journey and create an outstanding dish that best embodies their personality and passion for food. As they go out from the pantry, they are surprised to see the former home cooks back to cheer them. Monty thinks Christine will win while Ryan thinks it will be Becky. Ryan, on the other hand thinks it will be Josh.

While making their dishes, Becky struggles a bit, cooking a fillet in the fish stock, making Chef Ramsay saying her dish doesn’t look like an entree and that it’s the first time he sees a fillet in the fish stock. Would that ruin her chance to be in the final two?

The winner of the mystery box challenge will get first pick at a pair of legs – chicken, lamb or frog. They must prepare a dish worthy of a spot in the top two.

Josh thinks it will only be him and Christine in the final two since Becky doesn’t have what it takes to take it to the next level, adding she doesn’t cook from the heart anymore. Do you agree with him?

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Update: Becky has been eliminated. The final two are Christine and Josh! Any thoughts?

Mystery box challenge winner – Christina. She made the best dish!

Being the challenge winner, she gets to choose which legs she prefer to cook. She chose chicken.

Becky – frog legs

Josh – lamb legs

18 thoughts on “MasterChef September 4, 2012 Results 9/4/12

  1. Christine has great spirit and pride . She will go all the way, and be the next MASTERCHEF. even if she does not make she will always be a masterchef in my book

  2. Race or disability card? Why would you even think so? No way would I have thought that, let alone post it. That shows you, the poster, as ignorant.

    • Ignorant am I? Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the minute Josh was eliminated that they hold a round where one person can come back into the show when they’ve never done that before? I’d say the network probably put some pressure on the judges just so they could avoid being called racist. Do I like the idea? Of course not. I think it should be about the food and nothing else. But then we also have Christine. Is she talented? I’d say she is? But aside from being blind, what leverage does she have? Sadly, we live in a world where a fair competition doesn’t happen? In this case, if Josh loses, the network will probably take heat because people can claim that it was racism. And if Christine loses, then I’m sure some people will claim that she was discriminated against because she’s blind. The question is what does the network fear most. It’s not in the hands of the judges, but in the hands of the network. So what bit of bad publicity will influence them? That’s the real question.

  3. My favorite two are at the finals. I’m happy for both of them. Christine has so much fight and is so motivating. Josh has so much passion its inspiring. The judges have a tough decision. I’m so happy I don’t have to pick.

  4. I happy they both made it. They are both great people & cooks. I loved it when Josh spoke about his mom. And I don’t look at Christine as being blind/disability, she could toally out cook me. I think it is a wonderful example on how anyone no matter what, can do what they love & enjoy – and sometimes even w/a issue, do it even better! I love the message it is sending, I think its great. They both deserve it!

  5. are you kidding me .? Race or disablity card. you are ridiculous.people that think that not to mmention type it for everyone to read is the reason crap like that still around. gesh maybe you just think they both are there because they are talented.. omg next thats gona be an issue. sad sad sad. go christine

  6. I’m kind of happy of the decision, but I think Becky was the best home cook, even though she was way too overconfident. I used to like Josh, but after he came back, and I think you might have noticed, he has become such a jerk! So shout out to Christine, you rule.

  7. When it comes to things he isn’t familiar with, Josh is a terrible cook. Becky was forced to cook something she had never cooked before and did an excellent job. She should have been chosen over Christine who picked something simple and easy, or Josh who cooked a family recipe he already knew.

    This show isn’t about who is the best chef, it’s about who they think has the best sob story and is the most likely to sell lots of cookbooks.

  8. May the best chef win! It has nothing to do with their race or disability. Apparently these three chefs think of these 2 finalists as the best. Reality shows have twists all the time. I find it interesting that some people think that in order for these 2 to be in the finals, that there has to be some kind of catch. That they can’t be any good on their own without some type of help.
    Go Josh and Christine!

    • If only that were the case. It should be about who the best chef is, but it’s never about who is the best. Don’t you find it odd that some time ago Josh walked out of the kitchen only to suddenly return and do no wrong? As for Christine, for the record, I do hope she wins, but will it be a fair judgment? I very much doubt it because the decision really isn’t in the hands of the three judges. The network owns the show and their backsides too, so that means that the network likely has it decided. It’s not about food but about who they tell the judges to keep and who to get rid of.

  9. Here’s the deal. Christine will win, and one of the chefs (probably Gordon) will offer Josh a job at one of his restaurants. All will be well. I don’t have any advance information, but this is my guess from watching Gordo for many years. let’s see how I do

  10. WooHoo–Becky is fanlly gone. Come on Christine…I was for Frank but you are right up there. I can’t cook well and I can see. You go girl! Attitude is everything with me…she shows passion and no egotism. She’s a natural. If Josh wins that’s ok, but Christine can cook without seeing…that’s a blessing!

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