MasterChef September 4, 2013 Results 9/4/13

Another episode of MasterChef airs tonight on Fox. Airing from 8pm to 10pm ET, the top four finalists will be facing another set of challenges tonight. Who’s going home and who’s one step closer to becoming the next MasterChef?

The remaining contestants are Jessie, Krissi, Luca and Natasha. These four remaining home cooks will compete for the next mystery box challenge. They will be split into two teams and they will prepare a three-course meal using notable ingredients form all over the country. Of course, the winning team will move on on the next round while the losing team will go head-to-head in a chocolate desserts pressure test and one of them will be sent home.

Then, for the next set of tasks, the three remaining contestants will be making a dish with the same ingredients they used in their initial auditions, while creating an elevated and sophisticated version of the same dish. This is to show how far they’ve come in the competition. This could earn them a spot in the finale and move one step-closer to winning. Who’s going to move on to the next round and who’s going home?

By the way, there’s going to be an upcoming cooking competition for the young ones – Junior MasterChef which will premiere on September 27, 2013. I’ll be posting the results each week so stay tuned for that.

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Update: Luca and Natasha are the top 2 finalists! Jessie and Krissi have been eliminated!


Mystery Box Challenge – a big box with containing all cooking material they will need

– They will be cooking in teams of two. It’s Luca and Natasha vs Jessie and Krissi.

– Each team were given 60 minutes to cook a three course meal. The winning team will be in the top 3 while the losing team will face the pressure test.

– As expected, Krissi and Jessie were not communicating well.

– Jessie tells Krissi to cook whatever she can, which made Krissi walked out for a couple of minutes.

– Jessie and Krissi’s food were good and they could have won but the judges gave it to Luca and Natasha because of their teamwork.


Pressure Test – Jessie vs Krissi

– They must cook each of the judges’ favorite chocolate dish. They have 75 minutes to cook Souffle, Molten Lava cake and Chocolate Mousse.

– Winner – Jessie

– Eliminated – Krissi (she said Luca will be this season’s winner)



Mystery Box Challenge – each contestant opens their own mystery boxes. Each box have different ingredients. They have to redo the dish that won their place in MasterChef but can’t be the exact replica. They must make the dish better than the last time.

– Luca’s dish tastes better but the sauce was still a failure. Natasha and Jessie’s dishes are of better quality than before.

– Winner – Jessie – but she still has to cook in the elimination test.


Elimination test – Jessie’s advantage is that she get to choose what she’ll cook with. The choices are Kobe beef, Cheese and King Crab.

– Natasha makes a cold dish of noodles. Her dish was scrumptious.

– Luca makes a traditional Italian dish. His dish was good but not great.

– Jessie makes Kobe beef. Her dish was better than Luca.

– Winner – Natasha

– The judges pick between Jessie and Luca and they chose Luca.



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