MasterChef Top 14 Contestants August 10, 2010 8/10/10

MasterChef episode 3 will be aired on August 10, 2010. Among the thirty home cooks, only 14 will make it to the next round of the competition at the end of MasterChef 8/10/10.

The contestants have to prove first that they have mastered the basic kitchen techniques. Who among the contestants are good enough to advance to the next round?

The MasterChef Top 14 contestant will be revealed on August 10, 2010. Don’t ever miss it, but if ever you were not able to watch, please do check back this post for updates from the show.

MasterChef Top 14 Contestants

Slim Huynh

Tracy Nailor

Jake Gandolfo

Sheetal Bhagat

Lee Knaz

Tony Carbone

Faruq Jenkins

Sharone Hakman

Mike Kim

Jenna Hamiter

Sheena Zadeh

David Miller

Avis White

Whitney Miller

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