Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Matt Hoffman is a Web designer from Elgin, Illinois.  He best describes himself as intelligent, creative and sweet-talker.  Here is his hot seat interview video.

We know from previous seasons that House Guests tend to be a tad too nice the first few weeks.  Are you willing to actually show your true colors from the beginning?

– I actually may not be willing to show my true colors ever in the house.  I’m sure you’ll see everything about me in the diary room, but I plan on really not giving away much of my intellect and possible some aspects of my personality at all.

What are you looking forward to the most this season: the competitions, the drama, or maybe a showmance?

– I will be looking for probably most to the drama because it’s fun to watch.  That’s the same thing you’re probably looking forward to.  The competitions are awesome too being a fan, it’s gonna be great to actually compete and be a part of all the cool things we all get to see every summer.  Showmance, not so much, just gotten married in September…

If you could pick one past player that could help you in the game who would it be?

– I don’t know that anyone would really help me in the game, but I think I might actually pick someone like Jeff from last season, just because in the sense that he helped me keep my sanities.  He seems like a cool guy to hang out with.  I think we’d get along, have a couple of beers, hang about the pool, talk and he would just help from the mental state of point.

What previous house guest would you say most emulate when it comes to game play?

– I would say someone along the lines of Dan from the couple seasons back.  I’m going to play a good social game, trying to get everyone on my side, just try to be likeable but also be very smart and know when to make my moves, know when to hold my cards and know when to fall them.

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