Monet Stunson Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Monet Stunson, 24, is a model from Illinois.  She describes herself as exotic, active and the coolest person you will ever meet. Check out her hot seat interview video below.

We know from previous seasons that House Guests tend to be a tad too nice the first few weeks.  Are you willing to actually show your true colors from the beginning?

– I think if you actually show your true colors in the beginning if you have watched seasons of Big Brother you know that anyone who plays too hard from the get go is off to be eliminated very quickly so need to be nice at first and then maybe let your true colors emerge as the game play progresses.

Do you see a showmance happening this season?

– I definitely see a showmance happening this season as it usually happens every season.  However I can strongly say it will not be happening with me.  I’m not on this to meet a boy.  I’m not on this to meet a man.  I am here to win half a million dollars.  However, if it does benefit me to lead someone on and let them think that I’m interested in them then I would definitely do it for the money.

What are you looking forward to the most this season: the competitions. the drama, or maybe a showmance?

– I think I am most looking for to this season would definitely be the competitions.  I think that that is going to be one of my stronger points this season.  I’m not took much looking for to the drama.  However, I know with that many house guests living together under one roof with no break from each other.  There’s going to be drama, I can handle that.  I’m not looking forward to showmance, if it benefits me to lead someone on, then I will definitely do that.

What do you plan on doing with the notoriety you will gain from being on Big Brother?  Do you hope it will get you a modeling gig, an acting career or will you just go back to your life, happy with just experiencing Big Brother?

– I think that by being on Big Brother I would, hope to gain some publicity.  I word as a model right now, so if that could further me in that group that would be great.  However I would be happy going back to my life back home after Big Brother.

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