Project Runway August 19, 2010 Results 8/19/10

Three down and thirteen designers left on Project Runway August 19, 2010, that is, season 8 episode 4. What will the designers be asked to create this time and what materials they should use? Who will be eliminated on Project Runway 8/19/10?

Last week, the designers made a look that was made from materials found at Party Glitters from New York. Aside from that, they also made an accessory using additional party materials. Meanwhile, Ivy was taken to the emergency because she passed out. Good thing she was able to come back and wasn’t eliminated.

Who will be the next to get kicked off by the judges this time after Sarah? We’ll find out this Thursday night on the next episode. Who would you want to get booted out next?

Anyway, please bookmark this page for the one who got eliminated on Project Runway August 19, 2010 results.


Michael C won the challange; Kristin was eliminated;

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