Project Runway September 16, 2010 Results 9/16/10

Watch Project Runway tonight, September 16, 2010 and see the designers take on new challenges. It’s already season 8 episode 8 of the show which is titled “A Rough Day on the Runway”. Who will be the next to get eliminated on Project Runway 9/16/10?

January Jones will be the guest judge for tonight and the designers will be making designs to pay tribute to Jackie O. Who among the remaining ones will make the best creation and who will make the worst one that could cost him another chance next week? Who do you think will be kicked off after Cassanova?

Don’t forget to watch Project Runway September 16, 2010 tonight. The results will be posted here if ever you missed it.

Update: Mondo won the challenge; Michael D. was eliminated

2 thoughts on “Project Runway September 16, 2010 Results 9/16/10

  1. I am sick to death of Gretchen! Everytime she opens her stupid mouth she is bashing another designer! Gretchen look in the FREAKIN mirror honey! You are not the authority or a judge…play nice you bad soul!

    Why does everyone have to pick on Michael C obviously the judges like his work!

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