Rachel Reilly Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Rachel Reilly is one of the Big Brother 12 hamsters.  She is a Chemistry Grad Student and a VIP Cocktail Waitress in Las Vegas. As a contestant of the new season of Big Brother, all contestants were put on a hot seat to answer questions from the fans.

Here are the snippets of Rachel Reilly’s Big Brother 12 Interview.  Video is also below.

How are you going to play the game like nobody has played it?

– I don’t think Big Brother has anyone that is a Chemist, a Scientist with the looks.  People look at me they just think I’m a hot girl with big boobs.  But I think it’s gonna surprise all the House Guests when they see how smart I really am.  I think that’s gonna be one of my biggest advantages.

What is one secret that you wouldn’t want the other House Guests to find out?

– I don’t want them to find out how smart, intelligent and intellectual right away because I wan’t to put it on my advantage…

Will you tell any lies about yourself while in the house?

– Who doesn’t tell lies while in the house? I don’t want to tell lies about myself, but I’m gonna keep parts of my life out from the other House Guests.  I’m going to keep so many facets of my personality…

If you were a candy, what would you be and why?

– Maybe I’m gonna be a sour patch kid in real life because I think they’re sweet on the outside then it would kick.

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