Skating with the Stars November 22, 2010 Season Premiere

Skating with the Stars season premieres tonight, November 22, 2010 on ABC, right after Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Finale Part 1. Get ready for the hottest competition on ice as it takes off with 6 celebrities and get to see them perform on Skating with the Stars 11/22/10 season premiere.

Six celebrities, a reality superstar, a rock icon, a daytime diva, a champion skier, a leading lady and a teen idol will be seen dancing on ice with their professional skating partners will be seen performing. Check out the Skating with the Stars Cast.

Vernon Kay hosts the show with retired Ice Skater Tanith Belbin as the color commentary. Johnny Weir, Dick Button and Laurie Ann Gibson will be the judges.

The show will be two-hour episode tonight and beginning next week, it will take the time slot of DWTS which is Mondays and Tuesdays.

Will the show be interesting to watch? We’ll find out tonight on Skating with the Stars season premiere 11/22/10.

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