So You Think You Can Dance August 15, 2012 Results 8/15/12

So You Think You Can Dance is back after a two-week break because of the Olympics. The top 14 dancers will take the stage once again before we find out who’s heading home. Are you excited to see your favorite dancers perform?

Two weeks ago, the bottom three girls were Amber, Lindsay and Eliana while the bottom three guys were Brandon, George and Dareian. The judges decided to save Linsday and George. Thus, Amber, Eliana, George and Dareian danced solos. In the end, they chose Amber and Brandon to go home.

Tonight, the show gives tribute to Mia Michaels as the top performs for America’s vote. Who will be the outstanding performers and who are in danger of going home?

Four dancers might be eliminated tonight as the results are announced at the end of the show. Will Lindsay and Eliana, same with George and Dareian be in the bottom dancers again? Who will be joining them, if ever? Who will the judges save?

Here are the list of the top 14 contestants. The voting numbers will be provided during the show. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. The results of the dancers who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance August 15, 2012 will be posted as well.

Update: Amelia, Matthew, Janelle and Dareian were eliminated!


Eliana – 1855-GO-HER-01 or 1855-46437-01 or text ELIANA to 83676

Cyrus – 1855-GO-HIM-01 or 1855-46446-01 or text CYRUS to 83676



Tiffany – 1855-GO-HER-02 or 1855-46437-02 or text TIFFANY to 83676

George – 1855-GO-HIM-02 or 1855-46446-02 or text GEORGE to 83676



Amelia – 1855-GO-HER-03 or 1855-46437-03 or text AMELIA to 83676

Will – 1855-GO-HIM-03 or 1855-46446-03 or text WILL to 83676



Janelle – 1855-GO-HER-04 or 1855-46437-04 or text JANELLE to 83676

Dareian – 1855-GO-HIM-04 or 1855-46446-04 or text DAREIAN to 83676



Whitney – 1855-GO-HER-05 or 1855-46437-05 or text WHITNEY to 83676

Chehon – 1855-GO-HIM-05 or 1855-46446-05 or text CHEHON to 83676



Lindsay – 1855-GO-HER-06 or 1855-46437-06 or text LINDSAY to 83676

Cole – 1855-GO-HIM-06 or 1855-46446-06 or text COLE to 83676



Audrey – 1855-GO-HER-07 or 1855-46437-07 or text AUDREY to 83676

Matthew – 1855-GO-HIM-07 or 1855-46446-07 or text MATTHEW to 83676



Bottom three girls – Amelia, Janelle and Lindsay

Bottom three guys – Dareian, Matthew and George

9 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance August 15, 2012 Results 8/15/12

    • Me too! I was surprised that she was in the bottom three girls. Could be because she didn’t do well? I don’t like to think that it’s because of her performance today though, which shouldn’t have affected at all.

  1. What a shame that Amelia was eliminated! She is such a great dancer with a unique look. The remaining girls all look alike. Amelia stood out to me because of her look and her passion for dance. Her elimination is a definite loss for the show. I think Audrey or Tiffany should’ve been eliminated instead.

  2. how the heck does Cyrus survive wk after wk? Why is he still kept by judges? For his looks? for being unique with his hair and dressing sense?

    • I agree just goes to show you that this has decome a popularity contest- not dance. He hams it up and plays to the judges and audience

  3. I loved Amelia and thought she was in the top 3 best dancers this year. Lindsey should have went, she’s been in the bottom know 2 or 3 times. I agree the judges has their fav.’s and the heck with the audience and fans!!!

  4. GO CRYUS!
    Cryus is the one that struggles the most in this competition he comes back week after week because he has heart he see’s a challenge that he may not be able to accomplish and gives it his all. Whether he succed’s or fails it shows that he never ceases to try!
    That’s why he keeps coming back week after week and I hope he continues to do so.

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