So You Think You Can Dance August 29, 2012 Results 8/29/12

There are eight dancers left who are going to perform tonight, together with the All-Star dancers. Who will be the All-Stars for this week? Who will be in the bottom four and who will remain in the competition at the end of the show?

The bottom four dancers are Witney, Chehon, George and Audrey. Among them, George and Audrey were eliminated. What do you think of these two being kicked off the competition? Do you think it should have been other dancers instead of them?

The contestants stepped up their game last, but will it still be the case tonight? The All-Stars also did great and I was glad to see Alex back. I hope he will perform again tonight. But of course, it would be great to see other All-Stars as well including Melanie Moore from last year.

By the way, the guest judge tonight is Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family.”

On related news, the ratings of the show is going down each week. Could it be because of the new format? Can you imagine summer with So You Think You Can Dance if it gets cancelled?

Anyway, two dancers will be eliminated again, revealed at the end of the show. Who do you think will these dancers be?

The results of tonight’s show will be posted as always. Also check out the voting numbers here as it will be posted as well. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on the show. The bottom four dancers and the two who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance’s August 29, 2012 results to be provided. Any prediction?

Update: Will and Lindsay have been eliminated!


– Tiffany (with Ade Obayomi) – 1855-GO-HER-01 or 1855-46437-01 or text TIFFANY to 83676

– Will (with Lauren Gottlieb) – 1855-GO-HIM-01 or 1855-46446-01 or text WILL to 83676

– Lindsay (with Alex Wong) – 1855-GO-HER-02 or 1855-46437-02 or text LINDSAY to 83676

– Chehon (with Anya Garnis) – 1855-GO-HIM-02 or 1855-46446-02 or text CHEHON to 83676

– Witney (with Twitch Boss) – 1855-GO-HER-03 or 1855-46437-03 or text WITNEY to 83676

– Cole (with Allison Holker) – 1855-GO-HIM-03 or 1855-46446-03 or text COLE to 83676

– Eliana (with with Ryan Di Lello) – 1855-GO-HER-04 or 1855-46437-04 or text ELIANA to 83676

– Cyrus (with Melanie Moore) – 1855-GO-HIM-04 or 1855-46446-04 or text CYRUS to 83676


Bottom Four

– Will

– Lindsay

– Witney

– Cole

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