So You Think You Can Dance July 18, 2012 Results 7/18/12

The top 20 finalists will be taking the stage once again on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance live performance and results show. Airing from 8pm to 10pm ET, the top 20 dancers will be dancing before they find out which among them will be leaving the show. Who among them will be sent home?

As a recap from last week, the dancers are partnered into couples. Whitney and Chehon performed a latin dance choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. Whitney was called as star by Nigel and Mary loved the routine while Chehon was told to relax since he was a bit stiff. Tiffany and George danced contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. The judges loved it. Mary said both connected with each other, that it was effortless and exquisite to watch. Janaya and Brandon were the third performers. They danced lyrical hip hop by Napoleon and Tabitha and Mary loved how deep Brandon went into character while she told Janaya to be a little more gritty. Alexa and Daniel were choreographed by Sean Cheesman. The routine was difficult and Nigel thought it was difficult to make a connection while Mary thought that was exciting. Amber and Nick did a Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison. Mary thought the dance was dreamy while Nigel thought that Waltz isn’t exciting enough to get the votes.

Another dance couple Napolen and Tabitha coached is Amelia and Will. The judges thought that was memorable routine though it was more of a jazz than a hip hop. Meanwhile, Janelle and Dareian did an African jazz by Sean Cheesman again. Another difficult routine but they did well. Eliana and Cyrus did Broadway by Tyce Diorio. The judges thought they brought great personality to their routine though Eliana was overshadowed a bit by Cyrus. Audrey and Matthew did contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall. That was the best performance of the night with the judges giving them a standing ovation. Last performers are Lindsay and Cole. The judges thought it was mesmerizing and firey.

Among these dancers four will be eliminated, two boys and two girls. Who do you think will they be?

Anyway, live updates during the show will be provided. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on SYTYCD. The call numbers for you to vote and the contestants who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance July 18, 2012 episode will be here.

Update: Janaya, Nick, Alexa and Daniel were eliminated!



Lindsay – 1855-GO-HER-01 or 1855-46437-01 or text LINDSAY to 83676

Cole – 1855-GO-HIM-01 or 1855-46446-01 or text COLE to 83676


Amelia – 1855-GO-HER-02 or 1855-46437-02 or text AMELIA to 83676

Will – 1855-GO-HIM-02 or 1855-46446-02 or text WILL to 83676



Amber – 1855-GO-HER-03 or 1855-46437-03 or text AMBER to 83676

Nick – 1855-GO-HIM-03 or 1855-46446-03 or text NICK to 83676



Audrey – 1855-GO-HER-04 or 1855-46437-04 or text AUDREY to 83676

Matthew – 1855-GO-HIM-04 or 1855-46446-04 or text MATTHEW to 83676



Janelle – 1855-GO-HER-05 or 1855-46437-05 or text JANELLE to 83676

Dareian – 1855-GO-HIM-05 or 1855-46446-05 or text DAREIAN to 83676



Janaya – 1855-GO-HER-06 or 1855-46437-06 or text JANAYA to 83676

Brandon – 1855-GO-HIM-06 or 1855-46446-06 or text BRANDON to 83676



Eliana – 1855-GO-HER-07 or 1855-46437-07 or text ELIANA to 83676

Cyrus – 1855-GO-HIM-07 or 1855-46446-07 or text CYRUS to 83676



Alexa – 1855-GO-HER-08 or 1855-46437-08 or text ALEXA to 83676

Daniel – 1855-GO-HIM-08 or 1855-46446-08 or text DANIEL to 83676



Tiffany – 1855-GO-HER-09 or 1855-46437-09 or text TIFFANY to 83676

George – 1855-GO-HIM-09 or 1855-46446-09 or text GEORGE to 83676



Whitney – 1855-GO-HER-10 or 1855-46437-10 or text WHITNEY to 83676

Chehon – 1855-GO-HIM-10 or 1855-46446-10 or text CHEHON to 83676



The bottom 6 are Janaya, Alexa, Whitney, Nick, Daniel and Chehon.

Janaya, Nick, Alexa and Daniel were eliminated. The judges saved Whitney and Chehon.

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