So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2010 | SYTYCD 7/28/10 Top 6 Videos

The top 6 are intact and hopefully, all of them will be able to perform on So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2010 performance show.  Each contestant will have two different dances with an All Star for the first routine while it will be with another fellow contestant for the second routine.  Who will be the partners in So You Think You Can Dance 7/28/10?

SYTYCDism have some spoilers for this week on what is going to happen on the show.  According to them, Billy will dance Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajan as choreographer.  His dance partner is not known yet.  Lauren Froderman & Allison will dance Broadway, Adechike & Courtney will dance Jazz, Jose & Kent will dance Broadway, Lauren Froderman & Adechike will dance Foxtrot, Jose & Comfort will dance Hip Hop and Robert will dance Contemporary.

So, Billy Bell will be able to dance this time! Will there be any last minute injuries?  Anyway, we’re excited for the performance show this Wednesday night. Who will be the top performer this week?  We’ll find out soon!  Watch out for So You Think You Can Dance July 28, 2010 video performances of the Top 6.

Kent Boyd & Anya Garnis Cha-cha-cha Video

Robert Roldan & Kathryn McCormick Contemporary Video

Adechike Torbert & Courtney Galiano Jazz Video

Jose Ruiz & Comfort Fedoke Hip-hop Video

Lauren Froderman & Allison Holker Broadway Video

Billy Bell & Ade Obayomi Contemporary Video

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