So You Think You Can Dance July 7, 2010 | SYTYCD 7/7/10 Top 8 Performs

The competition gets tougher and this week is going to be crazy on So You Think You Can Dance July 7, 2010 performance night.  Who will be the partners the top 8 remaining contestants are going to pick on 7/7/10 in SYTYCD?

Each contestant is going to perform two dances with their respective dance partners and a there will be a group piece!  Isn’t it an exciting night?  Can you guess what are the dance styles they are going to perform and who would be their dance partners?

I’d like to see Alex with Comfort dance Hip-Hop and with Courtney for Jazz.  For the girls, I’d like to see Lauren with Twitch for Hip-Hop and Pasha for some Ballroom.  How about you?  Who are you eager to watch on Wednesday night?

Please stay tuned for So You Think You Can Dance July 7, 2010 Performance Videos.  Links will be provided when available.

– Ashley Galvan

Lauren Froderman Telephone Video

Adechike Torbert Bollywood Video

Ashley Galvan and Robert Roldan QuickStep Video

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd Collide Video

Jose Ruiz Never Tear Us Apart Video

Bill Bell and Jose Ruiz African Jazz Video

– Robert Roldan

We’ll post videos on July 7th when available.  Please note though that the videos are not hosted here.  We got those from youtube or yahoo.

One thought on “So You Think You Can Dance July 7, 2010 | SYTYCD 7/7/10 Top 8 Performs

  1. Ok, I am a dancer and clearly everyone on this show is incredible… heres the thing- no one is considering the difficulty level of these dances. RYAN is a beautiful dancer like ashley, however Ryan has danced at a high skill set. Dancing is not just about how high you can lift your leg or how many turns you can do… it’t about how you embody movement and emotion. Ryan does this BEAUTIFULLY… hence why she is Mia Michaels assistant. Also, consider the group dances… she manages to be in the front of most of them because she is a chameleon. She is very versatile and can embody a choreographers movement and style. That is one of the most important things when working with a choreographer. I don’t think she is connecting as well because she is just being herself and not trying to be fake. Who says being yourself is a bad thing?!?!? I truly connect with her, maybe because i look for dancers to have more than just extension. People should really look at how she embodies movement, and is HERSELF.

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