So You Think You Can Dance June 23, 2010 | SYTYCD 6/23/10 Top 10 Performs

Are you excited to watch So You Think You Can Dance June 23, 2010 episode and have the Top 10 dancers perform?  It will be the second performance night on the show this Wednesday as the dancers take on the stage and try to impress the judges and get America’s vote.

Who among the dancers are you eager to watch in So You Think You Can Dance 6/23/10?  Would you like to know who will be the partners this Wednesday night? SYTYCDism, as always, have spoilers to give us even if it is only a partial one.  According to the site, the partners are (click on the link for the video):

Billy & Comfort (Krump)

Alex & Lauren (Broadway)

Ashley & Mark (Jazz)

Kent & Courtney (Jazz)

Adechike & Allison (Contemporary)

Lauren & Dominic (Hip-Hop)

Cristina & Pasha (Paso Doble)

Robert & Anya (Argentine Tango)

Melinda & Ade (Contemporary)

Jose & Kathryn (Bollywood)

There is no spoilers as to who the partners of the other five dancers in the Top 10 so guess we just have to wait for the So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 performance night to find out.  Who would you like to be the partners of the other five?  For me, I would like to see Robert & Anya, Jose & Kathryn, Melinda & Twitch, Cristina & Pasha and Lauren & Neil.  What about you?

Who do you think will be the best performer of the night?  Will it be Alex Wong again, or will it be Billy this time?  If ever you were not able to watch in live, then please do check back this site as the performance videos of So You Think You Can Dance 2010 June 23rd show will be posted here.

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