So You Think You Can Dance September 3, 2013 Finale Call Numbers 9/3/13

It’s So You Think You Can Dance season 10 finale part 1 tonight! Yes, the top four finalists will be taking the stage hoping to impress American and the judges in order to get the votes. Who are you looking forward to see on stage tonight? What do you think of the final four – Fik-Shun, Aaron, Amy and Jasmine?

It has been a long journey for these four dancers and making it to the finale for sure, means a lot to them and two of them will be this season’s winner.

The All-Stars who will be dancing with the top four are Comfort Fedoke from season 4, Twitch Boss from season 4, Robert Roldan from season 7 and Melinda Sullivan from season seven.

The guest judges are Paula Abdul and Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas, by the way. Aren’t you excited for tonight’s finale? I’m so glad to see Paula once again!

Do vote for the top two dancers you want to win the finale, which will be announced next week.

Again, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s updates. Watch out for the So You Think You Can Dance season 10 finale – September 3, 2013 voting numbers as it will be posted here. I’ll also try to post the judges’ comments.



1. Aaron and Amy – Jazz – “Primitive” – Richard Vission vs. Luciana

– Mary says that was animalistic, there’s high energy. Paula says it was a nice departure from what these two does every week. Nigel likes it too. Gabby thought it has spunk and the attitude.


2. Jasmine and Fik-Shun – Contemporary – “Spiegel Im Spiegel”-Angela Yoffe & Vadim Gluzman

– Mary thinks they looked beautiful together. She thinks Fik-Shun surprised her. Paula tells Fik-Shun she’s proud of his journey, from Live to Dance to now. Nigel agrees to Paula that Fik-Shun’s journey was outstanding. Gabby says Jasmine’s lines were phenomenal.


3. Aaron and Melinda Sullivan – Tap – “When I Was Your Man”—Bruno Mars

– Gabby’s in awe with the tap. Paula thinks Melinda was beautiful. Nigel welcomes Melinda back and thanks Aaron for being the first tapper to make it to the finale. Mary thinks it was spectacular.


4. Jasmine and Comfort Fedoke – Hip-hop – “Run the World (Girls)” (Nappytabs remix)-Beyoncé Knowles

– Nigel says she’s in it to win it and says he didn’t understand why Jasmine didn’t choose her style, but understands after seeing the dance. Paula tells Jasmine there isn’t anything she can do. Mary calls Jasmine a badass. Gabby says that Jasmine better work and that she should get a call from Beyonce.


5. Amy and Fik-Shun – Argentine Tango – “Hazardous/Zero Signal”-PP Music

– Nigel thought this was Fik-Shun’s toughest challenge. Mary loved the choreography and thinks Amy is mind-blowing. Gabby loved the chemistry. Paula thinks Fik-Shun handled Amy well.



Jasmine – 1-855-GO-HER-01 or text JASMINE to 83676

Fik-Shun – 1-855-GO-HIM-01 or text FIK-SHUN to 83676

Amy – 1-855-GO-HER-02 or text AMY to 83676

Aaron – 1-855-GO-HIM-02 or text AARON to 83676

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