So You Think You Can Dance September 5, 2012 Results 9/5/12

The top six dancers will be taking the stage to perform on So You Think You Can Dance tonight. They will be dancing with an All-Star dance partner and solo, hoping to get your votes. Who do you think will remain in the competition and who will be eliminated?

Last week, the bottom four dancers are Witney, Cole, Will and Lindsay. Even if Witney is in the bottom four again, she escaped elimination. Thus, Linsday was sent home together with Will. Do you think Witney should have been gone instead of Linsday? Witney has been in the bottom four twice and in the bottom six once but still remain in the competition. Should Will have stayed instead of Cole? It’s the first time a contemporary is not in the finale this season after Wil’s elimination, by the way.

Anyway, the to six dancers remaining are Tiffany Maher, Witney Carson, Eliana Girard, Cole Horibe, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Cyrus Spencer. They will be taking the stage tonight but two will be leaving at the end of the show.

Whoever the judges criticize, expect him or her to be in the bottom four at least and might go home. This has happened in the previous weeks in which the dancers they criticize are in the bottom four. Take Amelia and Lindsay, huh?

By the way, the ratings of the show is up so it could be a bit of a good news. The season finale is two weeks away. Enjoy the show while it’s still on air.

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Update: Witney and Cole were eliminated;


Tiffany is safe!

Eliana is safe!

Witney gets eliminated!


Chehon is safe!

Cyrus is safe!

Cole gets eliminated!

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