Survivor 22 Redemption Island Premiere February 16, 2011 Who was voted off 2/16/11

Survivor Redemption Island, season 22 premieres tonight, February 16, 2011. As confirmed, Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano returns. 18 contestants with 9 from the Ometepe tribe and 9 from the Zapatera tribe will compete for the challenges. Who do you think will be the first to lose the challenge on Survivor Redemption Island premiere 2/16/11?

For the list of contestants, check out Survivor Redemption Island Cast.

This season is Rob’s fourth appearance while it’s Russel’s third. The two were already included in the Heroes vs Villains season. Will their feud continue on Survivor Redemption Island? Will it be another interesting season?

This site is ready to provide you once again weekly updates of the elimination results of who gets voted out. Please visit frequently for updates, beginning tonight which is title d”You’re Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe” on Survivor Redemption Island 2/16/11. If ever there will be voted out tonight, this post will be updated.

Updates: Francesca from the Ometepe tribe was voted out, getting a total of 4 votes.

Kristina – 3 votes

Phillip – 2 votes

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