Survivor 23 South Pacific Premiere September 14, 2011 Who was voted off 9/14/11

Survivor South Pacific, which is season 23, premieres tonight, September 14, 2011 with a 90-minute episode on CBS, 18 players will compete, two are returning players from different season. The concept of last year returns. Who will be the team to first lose the challenge and who gets voted out on Survivor South Pacific premiere 9/15/11 and be sent to Redemption Island?

The returning players are Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth from Cook Islands and Micronesia, and Benjamin “Coach” Wade from Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains. Meanwhile, Russell Hantz’s nephew Brandon Hantz joins the tribe. Here are the list of Survivor South Pacific cast:


Mark Caruso, 48, Retired NYPD Detective

John Cochran, 24, Harvard Law Student

Whitney Duncan, 27, Country Music Singer

Dawn Meehan, 41, English Professor

Jim Rice, 35, Medical Marijana Dispenser

Semhar Tadesse, 24, Spoken Word Artist

Keith Tollefson, 26, Water Treatment Tech

Elyse Umemoto, 27, Dance Team Manager

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth, 30


Sophie Clarke, 22, Medical Student

Albert Destrade, 26,Baseball/Dating Coach

Brandon Hantz, 19, Oil Tanker Crewman

Edna Ma, 35, Anesthesiolgist

Christine Shields Markoski,39,Teacher

Rick Nelson, 51, Rancher

Stacey Powell, 44, Mortician

Mikayla Wingle, 22, Lingerie Football Player

Benjamin “Coach” Wade, 39


Will Brandon Hantz be like his uncle? Are you happy that Redemption Island returns? As always, updates on who gets voted out of Survivor South Pacific will be provided here weekly, starting on tonight’s episode. Who gets voted off Survivor 9/15/11 first? Results will be posted here.

Update: Semhar was voted off, getting a total of five votes. She’s the first person to be in Redemption Island.

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