Survivor 24 One World Premiere February 15, 2012 Who was voted off 2/15/12

Survivor is here once again. Now on season 24, expect lots of twists and surprises beginning tonight, February 15, 2012. There are 18 castaways, grouped into two tribes. No returning players from the past seasons this time. All are new players. Who will be the first castaway who will get voted out on Survivor One World tonight?

This season have lots of changes. No more redemption island so once voted out, that player is totally out of the game. But the players will be surprised right from the start. The tribes will be separated into men vs women. The men belong to Manono tribe while women belong to Salani tribe. They have to share the same beach with no rules so expect lots of drama. Also, two hidden immunity idols will be hidden at the camp. However, the castaway who finds it should give it to someone from the other tribe.

For tonight’s episode, the castaways will be shocked when a tribe’s true colors are revealed. There’s going to be a competitive immunity challenge as well. Which team do you think will win the battle tonight?

Here are the list of Survivor One World cast:


Nina Acosta, 51. Retired LAPD Officer

Christina Cha, 29, Career Consultant

Monica Culpepper, 41, Ex-NFL player’s wife

Kat Edorsson, 22, Timeshare rep

Chelsea Meissner, 26, Medical sales

Kourtney Moon, 29, Motorcycle repair

Alicia Rosa, 25, Special Ed teacher

Kim Spradlin, 29, Bridal Shop owner

Sabrina Thompson, 33, High school teacher


Jay Byars, 25, Model

Colton Cumbie, 21, College student

Michael Jefferson, 30, Banker

Leif Manson, 27, Phlebotomist

Jonas Otsuji, 37, Sushi Chef

Bill Posley, 28, Stand-Up Comedian

Matt Quinlan, 33, Attorney

Troy Robertson, 50, Swimsuit Photographer

Greg Smith, 64, Plastic Surgeon


Who among these players will be the first to be sent home? There’s not much spoilers around but updates will be given here. We’re here once again for weekly updates on Survivor One World this time. Follow us on Twitter for the results. Also, plus one this post to Google Plus or like this on Facebook, thanks!

Are you excited for the return of Survivor? Find out the first castaway who gets voted off Survivor 2/15/12. Results will be posted.

Update: No one was eliminated.

Kourtney got injured. The Manono team have the option to continue the challenge where they can lose and be at the tribal council, or stop the challenge and let Salani be at the tribal council. They have decided to stop the challenge so the women will be at the tribal council.

Kourtney is doing fine but her wrist needs surgery and can’t go back to the game.

Salani tribe was given fire.

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