Survivor 25 Philippines Premiere September 19, 2012 Who was voted off 9/19/12

A new season of Survivor premieres tonight. Held in the Philippines, Survivor 25 will new and returning castaways plus some notable contestants. Are you excited for a new season of Survivor? Do you have your favorites as early as now? There will surely be spoilers as the season progresses but we couldn’t find a solid one on who’s the first to get voted out.

Anyway, this season, the castaways are grouped into three tribes called Kalabaw, Matsing and Tandang. There will be six castaways in each group and one of these six is a returning player, who were medical evacuated due to illness or injury. The returning players are Jonathan Penner of Cook Islands, Russell Swan of Samoa and Michael Skupin of Australian Outback. Penner was removed due to an infection to his knee. Swan was removed because of low blood pressure while Skupin sufferred severe burns to his face and hands.

The two notable castaways are Jeff Kent of 2000 National League MVP and Lisa Welchel from a former series The Facts of Life.

Tonight’s season premiere is a 90-minute episode which airs from 8 to 9:30 pm ET. Titled “Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops”, the immunity challenge is a three-parter in which two members of each tribe will race through the jungle and race up a cargo net. They then have to untie ropes, access paddles and race them back to their teammates for the first part. The second part will have two members paddling a boat to a buoy and release a chest anchored in the water. They then have to get the chest back to the shore, crack it open and retrieve pieces of puzzle. The last part is to solve it. The first team to do that all wins immunity.

The only spoiler we have is that Matsing loses immunity and that there are speculations that Zane Knight was voted out first. Will that be the case tonight?

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Update: Zane has been voted off. Details will be posted later!

Kalabaw members (Red team) – Dana, Katie, Sarah, Carter, Jeff, Jonathan

Matsing members (Blue team) – Denise, Angie, Roxann, Russell, Zane, Malcolm

Tandang members (Yellow team) – Lisa, Artis, Abi-Maria, Michael, Peter, Robert


First immunity challenge winner – Kalabaw.

Zane – 4 votes

Russell – 1 vote

Tandang is second place so Matsing heads on to the first tribal council.




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