Survivor 27 Blood vs Water Premiere September 18, 2013 Who was voted off 9/18/13

Before we find out the America’s Got Talent 2013 winner as well as who wins Big Brother 15 tonight, the new season of Survivor will premiere on CBS. Survivor’s 27th season, also dubbed as Blood vs Water, will feature returning castaways and their family members. However, they won’t be in the same tribe. They will be competing against each other.

Are you excited to see former castaways this season? Who are you looking forward to see this season?

The season was filmed in the Philippines, for the third time, at Palaui Island, Cagayan this time. Tadhana (destiny) and Galang (respect) are the tribe names. Returning players belong to Tadhana while their loved ones are in Galang.

One of the castaways some of you might be familiar with, if you have been watching Big Brother is Hayden Moss. He was the Big Brother 12 winner. With this, I think he might be an early target. He’s Kat Edorsson’s (Survivor: One World) boyfriend.

I know many of you hates Colton Cumbie from Survivor: One World as well. But he says he has change. Did he, really?

Anyway, can’t wait what’s in store for us tonight. The first challenge involves the contestants in the water. Who will win this?

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Tyson Apostol
Aras Baskauskas
Rupert Boneham
Candice Cody
Monica Culpepper
Colton Cumbie
Kat Edorsson
Laura Morett
Gervase Peterson
Tina Wesson


TADHANA (Destiny)
Caleb Bankston – Colton’s fiance
Vytas Baskauskas – Ara’s brother
Laura Boneham – Rupert’s wife
John Cody – Candice’s husband
Katie Collins – Tina’s daughter
Brad Culpepper – Monica’s husband
Ciera Eastin – Laura’s daughter
Rachel Foulger – Tyson’s girlfriend
Hayden Moss – Kat’s boyfriend
Marissa Peterson – Gervase’s niece

Update: Laura and Candice got voted out. Rupert sacrificed himself and went to Redemption Island with Candice instead of his wife Laura. At the end of the episode, Marissa from Tadhana got voted off as well.

Each tribe immediately voted someone out.

Tadhana tribe – Laura

Galang tribe – Candice

Laura & Candice go to Redemption Island. But before that, there’s a twist. Their partners were asked if they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Rupert did so Laura joins the tribe again. John did make the sacrifice though. Candice thinks she can beat Rupert in the duel.


Over at the Galang tribe…

– Monica and Colton decide to work together


Over at the Tadhana tribe…

– Brad is building an all-male alliance.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must race in the water, get a boat with puzzle pieces, return back to the shore and build the puzzle.

Winner – Galang




– Marissa – 5 votes

– Katie – 1 vote

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