Survivor 28: Cagayan February 26, 2014 Premiere Who was voted off 2/26/14

Survivor Cagayan, which is the 28th season of Survivor already premiered last night! I totally forgot to post about it. Thanks to reader Kim who reminded me! If not for you, I wouldn’t be able to post the results for this week.

Anyway, this season of Survivor is also known as Survivor: Cagayan – Brawn vs Brans vs Beauty. The first two episodes were shown back-to-back, which featured 18 new players who were divided into three tribes of 6.

The leader of each tribe are:

– Beauty – LJ

– Brawn – Sarah

– Brains – David


Weakest person from each group, chosen by the leaders:

LJ – Morgan

Sarah – Trish

David – Garrett

** They headed to the camp via a helicopter


Hidden Immunity Idol – found by David Garrett during the first few minutes!


Immunity Challenge – players must load chests on carts. They must then unlock it, take the carts apart and get everything and solve a puzzle.

Winner – Beauty. The reward is a fire making kit.

Second place – Brawn – they got flint



J’Tia – 2 votes

David – 4 votes

** David got voted off!




Immunity Challenge – players must swim out to a large bamboo cage. They then must dive under, untie knots and release a gate. They must return to the shore with fish traps. Again, another puzzle solving task at the end.

Winner – Brawn



J’Tia – 2 votes

Garrett – 3 votes

** Garrett got voted off!


What do you think about the results?

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  1. I’m glad this was posted, I thought that you weren’t going to cover Survivor this season when it wasn’t up yesterday. One little correction – Garrett was the one who found the immunity idol within the first few minutes as David was the one who named him “weakest”.

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