Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur December 10, 2014 Who was voted off 12/10/14

An all new episode of Survivor Blood vs Water airs tonight! There are six remaining castaways left, but at the end of the show, another one gets the boot. Who do you think will it be?

Natalie, Jon, Keith, Missy, Jaclyn and Baylor are left. Another lies they have to make just to make it to the top spot.

Natalie wants Jon out before reaching the finale, but what plans does she have?

Meanwhile, Missy gets injured during the reward challenge as she falls over the railings which might cause her to withdraw from the game.

During the game, players are divided into two teams and they have to race across the field with obstacles along the way.

With this, there might be no tribal council tonight if Missy gets pulled out of the game.

If not, do you think Jon will be voted off?

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Update: Jon got voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – players were split up into two teams. The task is to go through a pile of hay, over and under an obstacle. They then must transport a bucket full of water across a giant teeter tooter to the other side and solve a puzzle.

Keith, Jon and Missy vs Baylor, Natalie and Jaclyn.

Missy gets injured, but their team still won the reward. Her ankle got sprained but need to do an x-ray to confirm if it is broken. But since the game is almost over, she doesn’t have to leave if she doesn’t want to and they can immobilize her ankle.  She stays.

Jon offers reward to Baylor.

Natalie volunteers to go to exile island.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must balance on a wobbling plank and prevent a cone in front of them from falling. The last one standing wins.

WINNER – Natalie

Missy sits out.



Keith – 2 votes

Jaclyn – 2 votes

Jon – 2 votes



Jon – 2 votes

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