Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur November 19, 2014 Who was voted off 11/19/14

The challenges continue tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water. Now on its week 9, loyalty will be tested and chaos will happen at camp. Are you excited for tonight’s episode?

Two reward winners will be trading their spots in order to prove their loyalty. Who will be chosen?

Also, an idol paper trail will cause chaos at camp, while one castaway will play it dirty when his life in the game is threatened.

Chaos will happen due to Reed digging through Keith’s bag, finding out the Keith got the idol. That’s what they get for not being careful.

Because of this, everyone knows about it as Reed tells them. What will happen to Keith? If he’ll be safe this week, next week for sure he’ll go home.

Meanwhile, for the reward challenge, teams will be facing off on top of a muddle pool. They must avoid this in order to win. Who will be pitted against who?

Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s updates. Speculations is Wesley gets voted off on Survivor’s 11/19/2014 episode. Find out if he really is the one to be eliminated.

Update: Jeremy got voted off!


– Players are divided into teams and will have a face off

– They must knock the person off the beam and into the mud.

Reward – cruise on a fishing yacht.

Reed vs Wes, Jaclyn vs Natalie, Jon vs Jeremy, Baylor vs Missy, Keith vs Alec.


WINNER – Reed, Natalie, Baylor, Alec and Jeremy

Natalie offers reward to Jon

Jeremy offers reward to Jaclyn

Jeremy goes to Exile in return for offering up his reward. He didn’t know yet that the idol was found.



– Players must stack blocks using their feet.

WINNER – Baylor



Keith – 2 votes

Reed – 3 votes

Jeremy – 5 votes



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