Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur November 26, 2014 Who was voted off 11/26/14

An all new episode of Survivor Blood vs Water airs tonight, on CBS. Take some time to watch tonight before you continue preparing for Thanksgiving and listing what you’ll buy on your Black Friday Shopping.

Anyway, for tonight’s episode, the first idol of the season might be used during a chaotic Tribal Council. Will there be a blindside tonight as well?

Meanwhile, the reward challenge will have the players dive in and swim across a platform where they will climb. They they must jump to get at least three bags hanging over the water, with a key tied on each.

Reward will be a roasted turkey.

Someone trade his/her reward for security in the game.

Find out who wins the reward tonight. Also find out who gets voted off on Survivor’s 11/26/2014 episode. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for updates. Results will be posted.

Update: Wes gets voted off, getting a total of 2 votes.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must jump off a platform to get keys and collect puzzle pieces.

REWARD – deliver basketball gear to kids who need new equipment.

Blue team – Alec, Reed, Jaclyn and Jon

Yellow team – Missy, Natalie, Baylor and Wes

Keith – sits out

WINNER – Yellow team


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle above their heads.

Temptations – plate of candy, cookies and milk, chicken wings and beer, pizza, wings, cookie, ice water and beer.

Winner – Reed



Jon – 4 votes (doesn’t count since he used his idol)

Keith – 3 votes (doesn’t count since he used his idol)

Wes – 2 votes

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