Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur November 5, 2014 Who was voted off 11/5/14

The much awaited merge is about to happen tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water. Are you excited for tonight’s happenings? Who will be the first castaway to be voted off after the merge?

The tribe’s new name will be “Huyopa”, combination of Hunahpu and Coyopa’s names.

With the merge, seems like Josh and Reed are not that happy as they worry about going after Jeremy now. Will they still be able to go after him?

Anyway, individual immunity is now up for grab and for tonight’s challenge, each one must hold up a round plate of wood and balance a small ball upon it. They then must hold the rope father from the plate and the last player to avoid having his/her ball drop wins immunity.

Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s results. Want to know who will be getting the boot tonight? Spoilers say it’s going to be Julie. Find out if she really is the castaway who gets voted off on Survivor’s 11/5/2014 episode.

Update: Julie quits! What do you think of her quitting?

Jeremy is hoping to form an alliance with Natalie, Julie Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor.

Josh wants couples vs singles.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must balance balls in a plate attached to a rope. The last player left with the ball wins.

WINNER – Keith


** Julie is busted for stealing food and wants to quit, but Missy tells her she needs her. She still did quit.

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