Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur October 1, 2014 Who was voted off 10/1/14

It’s the second episode of Survivor San Juan Del Sur tonight. Blood vs Water has just begun, and the loved ones are battling each other and the elements. Who’s going to get voted out tonight?

Another two loved ones will have a face off in the Exile arena. The loser will go to isolation among someone from the winner’s tribe.

One team will try to make a trade with Jeff, in a rare negotiation, after losing their flint. What could this negotiation be?

Meanwhile, former MLB player John Rocker’s past threatens his future in the game. Will he be the next to go?

Anyway, updates will be posted here. Follow this blog on Twitter, like on Facebook while waiting for tonight’s results. Find out who wins the reward challenge and the immunity challenge. The castaway who got voted off on Survivor’s 10/01/2014 episode will be posted as well.

Update: Val got voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – prize is fishing gear

John vs Julie

They will balance balls on a large paddle through obstacles. They then must roll the balls into slots on a table.

Winner – Julie

Going to Exile – John and Jeremy


Hunahpu goes to Jeff asking for flint. They are willing to give Jeff their half eaten bag of beans.

Jeff’s counter offer is for the tribe to give up the fishing gear. According to Jeff he would have accepted the bag of beans if they went to him before the challenge began instead of waiting if they won first. He tells the team they will need the flint eventually and that the price will go up. The team agree to give up the fishing gear.


Exile – Jeremy gets the clue while John gets a blank piece of paper


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Sumo style bashing with padded bags.

Jaclyn beats Kelley

Drew betas Alec

Wes beats Jeremy

Natalie beats Val

Jon beats John

Baylor betas Missy

Reed beats John

Dale beats Keith

Kelley beats Jaclyn

WINNER – Hunahpu


* Jeremy shares the clue with John and John finds the hidden immunity idol



Val – 4 votes

Baylor -4 votes


Since there’s a tie, players must revote between these two. Val and Baylor cannot vote

Baylor – 1 vote

Val – 4 votes

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