Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur October 15, 2014 Who was voted off 10/15/14

Another episode of Survivor 29 : Blood vs Water airs tonight! Winning strategy, well-kept secrets and tribe solidarity is what episode 4 will be all about. Who’s going to win the immunity challenge and who’s going home?

Drew thinks his personality is his winning strategy, but his teammates think otherwise. Also, he might be considering throwing the Immunity Challenge to Coyopa. Well, would that be a good move for him?

Meanwhile, Keith is thinking Jeremy has the idol. Well, would this cause Jeremy to be voted off, if ever his tribe lose the challenge? But, note that Keith has already gone to Exile twice. Will he be the one to go again?

Anyway, there are speculations that Drew will be voted off. Find out if that will be the case tonight. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s updates. The player who got voted off on Survivor’s 10/15/2014 episode will be posted as well as the results of the challenges.

Update: Drew gets voted off the island.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must jump on platforms and place bags into buckets.

It’s Jon vs Jaclyn.

Winner – Jon (Hunahpu). They have a choice between food and comfort. Team chooses comfort.

Exile Island – Jaclyn with Drew.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must swim out and collect rings and the others will toss it on posts.

Hunahpu sit outs – Kelly ,Jon and Jeremy

Winner – Coyopa

** Drew says he throw that challenge.



Julie – 2 votes

Kelley – 1 vote

Keith – 1 vote

Drew – 4 votes




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