Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur October 29, 2014 Who was voted off 10/29/14

An all new episode of Survivor Blood vs Water airs tonight. It sure is going to be a good episode tonight. Who do you think will be voted off this week?

Titled “Make Magic Happen”, someone will fake an idol while Hunahpu will make a desperate trade for rice. It has a penalty though and we’ll find out what it is later on.

Dale Wentworth will be faking having a Hidden Immunity Idol in order to ensure his safety in his tribe, Coyopa. Will it really get him far?

Meanwhile, the reward challenge is a blindfolded puzzle game in which players must assemble a puzzle fit to shapes in the stone before them.

Again, updates will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for the results. The speculation is that it will be Dale who gets eliminated. Let’s find that out tonight. The next castaway who got voted off on Survivor’s 10/29/2014 episode will be posted.

Update: Dale was voted off, getting a total of 3 votes.

Hunahpu makes a trade with Jeff. As exchange, Jeff wants the hammock, the tarp, bed roll, hatchet, hammer, one of the pots and the extra flint.


REWARD CHALLENGE – one player from each tribe gets blindfolded. This player must go across obstacles and collect puzzle pieces, go to a station and complete the puzzle.

Reward – chicken and steak

Players – Baylor and Reed

Winner – Reed (Hunahpu)

Baylor goes to Exile Island and Reed wants Julie to go along, but Natalie volunteers to go.

Baylor volunteers the idol clue to Natalie.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players will race up over a wall. They then must move a large wooden cube and get puzzle pieces by unwinding them from a spring. Two tribe members must put together the puzzle.

Julie sits down for Hunahpu.

Winner – Hunahpu



Dale – 3 votes

Keith – 2 votes

Missy – 1 vote

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