Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur October 8, 2014 Who was voted off 10/8/14

The challenges continue tonight on Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Another Coyopa went home last week. Will that be the case again tonight, or one from Hunahpu will be going?

This week’s highlight will most probably be about John Rocker as his past controversy gets revealed by Jeremy. What will he do about it?

Expect some drama this week because of this.

Also, a showdown will pit father against son and put their relationship to test.

Meanwhile, Keith and Wes will be competing this week for the Exile Island Challenge. It is going to be a stacking contest. Who do you think will win?

There are speculations that John will be voted off. Follow this blog on Twitter, like on Facebook as updates will be posted. The next castaway who got voted off on Survivor’s 10/08/2014 episode will be here as well as who won the reward and immunity challenge.

Update: John gets voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – teams must get on a swaying balance beam and move pieces from one end to the other. Reward is comfort or fishing gear.

WINNER – Coyopa. They take the fishing gear.

Keith goes to Exile Island with Josh


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must divide into pairs and they are tethered together. They must race through an obstacle course and get a ball. They then must shoot this ball into a basket.

The first to make it to the basket gets a point.

Keith and Dale sit out.

WINNER – Hunahpu



John – 4 votes (he didn’t use his idol)

Baylor – 2 votes


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