Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur September 24, 2014 Premiere Who was voted off 9/24/14

Survivor returns tonight with an all new season! Airing from 8pm to 9:30pm, new castaways compete against their loved ones. Yes, it’s Blood vs Water theme once again. Not only that, Exile Island returns, in which two loved ones will battle it out against each other and the loser will be sent to isolation on Exile Island while the winner gets a reward for the tribe. Plus, he/she gets to choose a team member to join the loser to Exile Island. Are you excited for the new season?

18 castaways will be grouped into two tribes – Hunahpu and Coyopa. No returning players this season, yay! Check out the list below.

As always, updates will be posted here. Follow this blog on Twitter, like on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet, to get the latest results. What is the first challenge the players are going to do? Who wins immunity? Who gets voted out of Survivor’s September 24, 2014? Results will be provided.



Nadiya Anderson

Josh Canfield

Alec Christy

VAl Colluns

Wes Nale

John Rocker

Jaclyn Schultz

Dale Wentworth

Baylor Wilson



Natalie Anderson

Drew Christy

Jeremy Collins

Reed Kelly

Julie McGee

Jon Misch

Keith Nale

Missy Payne

Kelly Wentworth


Update: Nadiya got voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must retrieve platforms using ropes they have untied. Jeremy gets nominated by his team to compete against his wife – Val.

Winner – Jeremy (Hunahpu team).

Reward is fire and beans.

Val goes to Exile Island and Jeremy selects Keith to join her.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must race to the top of a giant tower using bags they got from an obstacle course. The most difficult puzzle awaits them at the top.

Winner – Hunahpu

EXILE ISLAND – Val and Keith each choose an urn. Val gets the clue to the idol while Keith gets nothing.



Nadiya – 5 votes

Dale – 3 votes

Baylor – 1 vote

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