Survivor 30: Worlds Apart February 25, 2015 Premiere Who was voted off 2/25/15

It’s Survivor 30 season premiere tonight! This time, it’s dubbed as Survivor: Worlds Apart as it consists of 18 contestants divided by social class – blue collar, white collar and no collar. Here’s the recap:

Here are the teams and the members:

WHITE COLLAR (Masaya/Yellow) – Max Dawson, Tyler Fredrickson, So Kim, Shirin Oskooi, Carolyn Rivera, Joaquin Souberbielle

BLUE COLLAR (Escameca/Blue) – Lindsey Cascaddan, Dan Foley, Mike Holloway, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Kelly Remington, Sierra Dawn Thomas

NO COLLAR (Nagarote/Red) – Joe Anglim, Jenn Brown, Hali Ford, Nina Poersch, Will Sims II, Vince Sly

The tribe representatives are Joaquin (Masaya), Dan (Escameca) and Will (Nagarote). Joaquin chose So to join him. Dan chose Mike while Will chose Jenn to join. They will make a decision for their tribe.

They were asked to choose honesty or deceit. For honesty, they will get a large bag of beans. For deceit, they will get a small bag of beans with a hidden idol clue.

– Joaquin and So chose deceit

– Dan and Mike chose honesty

– Will and Jenn chose honesty

As early as now, alliances are formed – Carolyn, Shirin and Max vs So and Joaquin.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must go through some obstacles and choose between keys and unlock locks or untie knots.

All tribes chose the key unlocking task and then changed their minds.

They must also solve puzzles with different number of pieces.

– Masaya chooses 50 pieces.

– Escameca chooses 10 pieces.

– Nagarote chooses 10 pieces.


** Carolyn finds Masaya’s hidden idol


WINNER – Nagarote/No CollarĀ 

– Their reward is a fire-making kit




Carolyn – 2 votes

So – 4 votes



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