Survivor 30: World’s Apart Winner May 20, 2015 Finale, Who won 5/20/15?

Survivor World’s Apart Finale airs tonight! Who will the jury member votes? There are still 5 castaways left but a couple of challenges are in store to trim it down to 3. Who do you think will be the final three?

Updates will be posted in a while…

Here we go…

Final Five – Mike, Rodney, Sierra, Will, Carolyn

Mike has to win 2 immunity challenges to make it to final 3. Will he make it?

Carolyn went to go with the others who voted her out and Mike doesn’t get it. For Carolyn though, she still wants Mike out and she needs their help. She still thinks Mike is the biggest threat.

Reward Challenge – task is to go through a series of obstacles – go through a net crawl,slide tiles on a platform, transport those tiles and solve the puzzle.

Challenge Winner – Mike. Reward is a camp visit with a loved one and advantage in the game

Immunity Challenge – Mile has an advantage in thus game. He has his mom leading him through the maze while he is blindfolded. The other 4 are blindfolded as well. For this challenge, they must search for medallions in the maze. With this, Mike wins immunity.



Sierra – 3 votes

Rodney – 1 vote



Final Immunity Challenge – players will run up stairs, get a bag, slide down on a slide with running water. They then must go through an obstacle course. They must to these steps 3 times and then they must open the bags with puzzle pieces and solve it.

Challenge winner – Mike!


Mike wants Carolyn to stay while Rodney and Will are planning to vote her out.H with this, he asks Carolyn to practice fire making as it’s the usual tie breaker in case of an equal vote.



Carolyn – 2 votes

Rodney – 2 votes


Since there is a tie, Carolyn and Rodney must make a fire. Rodney was the first to make a flame but it didn’t last. Carolyn was also able to make it after him and though it was unimpressive than Rodney’s, it was effective. Her fire reached the rope first.

Eliminated – Rodney


FINAL THREE – Carolyn, Mike and Will – one from the original white collar, no collar and blue collar are represented.



Mike – 4 votes

Will – 1 vote (by Rodney)

Carolyn – 1 vote (by Sierra)


WINNER – Mike!

5 thoughts on “Survivor 30: World’s Apart Winner May 20, 2015 Finale, Who won 5/20/15?

  1. My dvr didn’t tape last few minutes of the finale. I know Mike won from here but how did everyone vote? Ie Dan voted for? Joe voted for? Jen voted for? Or did only a few get to vote?

    • Jeff reads the first vote for Mike, next is for Will. The next vote is for Carolyn. The next one again is for Mike. Then another one for Mike. The last vote Jeff reads is for Mike. No mention on who Dan voted for but I’m guessing it’s also for Mike. Jenn also voted for Mike.

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