Survivor 32: Survivor Kaoh Rong February 17, 2016 Premiere Who was voted off 2/17/16

A new season of Survivor premieres tonight! Like Survivor Cagayan, the casts are divided into three teams at first – “beauty”, “brains” and “brawn”. 18 players will have 6 members each with the tribe names being “Chan Loh”, “To Tang” and “Gondol”.

What will be their first challenge? Who will get voted off first?

Recaps will be posted.

Here are the tribes:

CHAN LOH (Brains)

– Peter Baggenstos

– Aubry Bracco

– Joseph Del Campo

– Neal Gottlieb

– Elisabeth Markhan

– Debbie Wanner


GONDOL (Beauty)

– Michele Fitzgerald

– Anna Khait

– Nick Maiorano

– Caleb Reynols

– Julia Sokolowski

– Tai Trang


TO TANG (Brawn)

– Cydney Gillon

– Darnell Hamilton

– Alecia Holden

– Kyle Jason

– Jennifer Lanzetti

– Scot Pollard



Scot tells he was a pro basketball player while Cydney says she’s a professional bodybuilder



Players must swim to a boat and get the paddles. They then must convert their boats to carts back on the shore. Afterwards, they must either solve a puzzle or do the ball stacking challenge.

Reward – fire making kit for the first team to finish. They also win immunity. Second place gets the flint.


WINNER – Brains

Second place – Beauty



Alecia – 3 votes

Darnell – 3 votes



– Darnell – 3 votes – ELIMINATED


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