Survivor Cagayan Winner May 21, 2014 Finale, Who won 5/21/14?

It’s Survivor Cagayan’s Season Finale tonight on CBS. There are still four remaining finalists left but only two will make it to the final tribal council and one will be crowned as the winner. Are you excited for tonight’s season finale?

It’s the first time that the finale airs on Wednesday night. But even on a Wednesday, the finale will air for three hour, and that includes the reunion show.

The four remaining castaways are Tony, Woo, Spencer and Kass. The first immunity challenge for tonight is for the players to be perched on top of a telephone post with a small stand at the top. Could be something of a physical challenge but not an endurance competition.

Who will win this challenge? Woo must win this one if he wants to stay since he’ll be the next one to get the boot, most likely.

Then, for the final immunity challenge, it’s a puzzle solving competition once again. Looks like there’s a massive maze puzzle with lots of challenges. Who will win this one?

Who do you think will be the final two? Will Tony get a sure spot at the final two? Who will the jury decide to vote to be the winner?

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Update: Tony wins Survivor Cagayan!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must stand on a phone standing high above the ocean. Then, they must use a bucket to get water and fill a chute. They then must head to shore and complete a puzzle.



Spencer – 3 votes

Woo – 1 vote

** Spencer gets vote off.


FINAL THREE – Kass, Woo and Tony

Kass and Woo agreed to take each other to the final two.


FINAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – in a large maze of turnstyles,players must collect medallions and solve a cog puzzle.



Kass – 1 vote

** Kass gets voted off.


FINAL TWO – Woo and Tony


FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL – The jury have voted on who they think should win

Tony – 5 votes

Woo – 1 vote


** Tony wins Survivor Cagayan!



3 thoughts on “Survivor Cagayan Winner May 21, 2014 Finale, Who won 5/21/14?

  1. Tony is just a spitting image of Russell Hantz. He shouldn’t have won. This season wasn’t as good as past. Almost as bad as Gabon was. Now that was a horrible season. They could’ve done better this season.

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