Survivor Caramoan Winner May 12, 2013 Finale, Who won 5/12/13?

Tonight on CBS, the Survivor Caramoan airs. Only five castaways remain – Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Dawn and Sherri. Who will be this season’s sole survivor? Who will the jury vote for to be this season’s winner?

It’s going to be a two-hour season finale of Survivor – Fans vs Favorites and the one million dollar is within arm’s reach already. However, one of the five castaways will be be a victim to a heartbreaking medical emergency. What emergency will happen tonight? Who among these five finalist is suffering from a medical condition? Jeff Probst also says that it’s going to be a crazy finish.

The finale tonight is followed by a one-hour reunion show so it sure is going to be fun seeing all the contestants. However, there are news that Brandon Hantz is banned from Survivor Caramoan live reunion show. The cause as they say is Philip Sheppard. The guy is scared of Brandon so Brandon got banned from the finale reunion.

Uncle Russell then reacted and said that Brandon will be there. Is it just to create drama? Many says that the next season will be about family partners competing. Would you want to see them together, if ever? Anyway, we’ll find out later if Brandon Hantz will appear. If not, then the show might announce the reason why he’s not there.

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Update: Cochran wins Survivor Caramoan!

Erik’s head is spinning after the last tribal council. He was medically evacuated since his body is in starvation state. An IV was placed for him to recover.

Cochran made a deal with Eddie and they will get rid of Dawn and bring Sherri with them to the finals.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must balance a board with one hand while stacking tiles with another. Reward is an advantage at the final immunity challenge.



IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players will race up a three story tower, untie a bag of puzzle pieces, slide down a slide and do it again. They must build a fire puzzle once they have all their pieces. Advantage for Cochran is he doesn’t have to untie his bags of puzzle pieces.




Dawn – 1 vote

Eddie – 3 votes

Eddie gets voted off!



– Cochran

– Dawn

– Sherri



– Winner should be Cochran


Sprint $100,000 winner – Malcolm. Plus, he will be starring on The Bold and the Beautiful

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