Survivor Kaoh Rong February 24, 2016 Who got voted off 2/24/2016

It’s the second episode of Survivor Kaoh Rong tonight. One castaway was voted off last week. Who’s going to go home next?

Here’s the recap of tonight’s episode.

Tai found a clue for the hidden immunity idol but his feet got bleeding so he wasn’t able to make it to its location.

Meanwhile the teams are having a hard time make a fire but Alecia was able to make fire after 3 hours.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – teams must race down on the river, get a log and carry it through obstacles. They then must untie some monkey fists and use those to hit two targets.

Prize for winning tribe is a large fishing kit and a boat.

WINNER – Beauty or Gondol

2nd – Brains or Chan Loh

Going to the tribal council – Brawn or To Tang


Alecia knows she’s going to be voted off and searches for the hidden immunity idol. Jenny is getting irritated with Jason and talks to Alecia and Cydney to vote either Jason or Scot. Jenny wants to blindside Jason but changes her mind. Jenny keeps on changing her mind and this frustrated Cydney.


At the tribal council, Jenny admits her decision on what to do is hanging and this made Scot and Jason doubt her. She also threw Alecia under the bus and says that she wants to start a female alliance between the girls. No one wants to trust Jenny anymore after this. So we know who’s going home.



Jenny – 3 votes

Alecia – 2 votes



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