Survivor Nicaragua Premiere September 15, 2010 9/15/10

Survivor Nicaragua premieres tonight, September 15, 2010 on CBS. While most summer reality shows ends, another one will have its pilot episode. That is, Survivor season 21, which will be between young vs old. Are you excited to watch Survivor Nicaragura 9/15/10 premiere?

The Espada tribe will feature “old” contestants, over the age of 40, while the La Flor tribe will feature “young” contestants, younger than the age of 30. Get to meet the contestants tonight and see what is going to happen.

This site is ready to provide you weekly updates of the elimination results of who gets voted out, as always. So please visit us for updates, beginning on Survivor Nicaragua 9/15/10. We can’t wait for it and for sure, you are too!


Wendy was the first to get voted out, getting 6 votes.

Eve has only one vote.

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