Survivor Philippines Winner December 16, 2012 Finale, Who won 12/16/12?

Survivor Philippines finale airs tonight, from 8pm to 10pm ET on CBS, followed by Survivor Philippines: Reunion show. There are still four castaways left, but after the first episode, it will be down to the final three. Who do you think will the final three be? Who will be this season’s sole Survivor?

“Million Dollar Question”, That’s the title of tonight’s finale episode. Which of the castaways is being referred to by the episode title?

Meanwhile, the final four’s challenge is called “Dragon Slayer” which is in honor of repeat player Benjamin Wade. The castaways must race a course, collect bags of puzzles, solve it making the dragon puzzle on the other side.

Malcolm, Lisa, Skupin and Denise. Who will be in the fourth place? That’s my order of the castaways. How about you? There are speculations that Denise wins Survivor Philippines and we’ll find that out tonight. Will there be tie breaker? Who will get the most number of votes? How will the jury members come up with their decision?

Again, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on Survivor Philippines tonight. Details of the final challenges, the reward challenge and immunity challenge will be posted. Who wins Survivor Philippines? Find out tonight, 12/16/12 as results will be here.

Update: Denise Stapley wins Survivor Philippines!

Sorry for the confusing post! Not feeling well but that’s not an excuse!

FIRST CHALLENGE – Dragon Slayer. The winner gets an advantage in the final challenge.



FINAL CHALLENGE – “Zen” competition. The castaways must hold two handles together with a segment in between that holds a metal ball. They must squeeze together an extra segment to make the handles longer.

Malcolm’s advantage is to get a second chance when he drops his ball. Others are out though if they drop their ball.




Michael Skupin

Lisa Whelchel

Denise Stapley


RC votes Lisa

Penner votes Denise

Carter votes Skupin


Denise got at least 4 jury votes!


Favorite player of the season – Lisa!

32 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Winner December 16, 2012 Finale, Who won 12/16/12?

  1. You are probably RIGHT again about Denise BUT we are truly hoping for Lisa or at Least, she will be da Fan Favorite!!!

    We hope you are WRONG but let’s throw our white challenge flag and have an official umpire review!

  2. Artis-sore loser
    Malcolm is upset with Denise. and is pleased with lisa.
    Denise stuck to her guns when questioned by Abi..
    Penner is so passive aggressive with the three left over.
    Penner revealed that Lisa was a famous TV star 25 y

  3. Technically Skoopin got a vote because of Carter not being able to spell his name. Did anyone else think that after Malcolm talked to the Final 3 he was gonna vote for Lisa?

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