Survivor Redemption Island Contestants, Premieres on February 2011

The cast of Survivor Redemption Island has been announced last Tuesday and among those, 16 have been introduced. Two are still being kept a secret but there were rumors that they are Bob Mariano and Russell Hantz. What do you think? We’ll they really be in this season? Anyway, we’ll give updates if the inclusion of these two are confirmed. Here are the castaways:

Survivor Redemption Island Castaways


Andrea Boehlke, student, Random Lake, WI –
Matt Elrod, pre-med student, Nashville, TN
Francesca Hogi, attorney, Washington DC
Kristina Kell, law student, Malibu, CA
Grant Mattos, yoga instructor, West Hollywood, CA
Phillip Sheppard, technology executive, Santa Monica, CA
Natalie Tenerelli, professional dancer, Acton, CA
Ashley Underwood, nurse, Benton, ME

Mike Chiesl, former Marine, Del Mar, CA
Krista Klumpp, pharmaceutical rep, Columbia, SC
Ralph Kiser, farmer, Lebanon, VA
David Murphy, defense attorney, West Hollywood, CA
Stephanie Valencia, waitress, Long Beach, CA
Sarita White, visual effects producer, Santa Monica, CA
Julie Wolfe, firefighter, Oceanside, CA
Steve Wright, former NFL player, Huntington Beach, CA

Survivor Redemption Island premieres on February 16, 2011 on CBS.

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