Survivor Second Chance December 2, 2015 Who got voted off 12/2/2015

Another episode of Survivor Second Chance aired tonight, and another castaway became a member of the jury. Last week, Ciera and Stephen got blindsided which caused them to become the member of the jury. Who will follow them tonight? Read the recap below.

Jeremy’s nervous because of the strategy of voting by block, while Kimmi wants to have an all girls alliance and Wentworth is happy about this.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must dig up bags in the sand and then they must spin around a post and walk across a balance beam then get another bag. Puzzle must be solve as players must spell out a word.

Prize is a barbecue with his/her loved one.

WINNER – Wentworth. She chose Keith, Joe, Abi and Kimmi to join her.


With Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha not selected, they formed a final three alliance.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must balance a wooden statue on a pole. The last man and woman standing wins immunity. The longer they stay, they must add sections of poles to the bottom to make it longer.

WINNERS – Keith and Wentworth



Joe – 4 votes

Abi – 1 vote

Tasha – 1 vote



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