Survivor Second Chance November 11, 2015 Who got voted off 11/11/2015

The idol was played tonight on Survivor Second Chance. With this, we know that if the castaway used it before the votes are revealed, any votes against her doesn’t count.

So anyway, here’s the recap. Find out who went home tonight.

REWARD CHALLENGE – Players jumps into boats and untie crates. They then stacked those crates without any repeating colors on any side.

REWARD – trip to the Survivor cafe.

Team 1 – Kelly, Kelley, Joe, Keith, Kimmi and Ciera

Team 2 – Tasha, Andrew, Spencer, Jeremy, Stephen and Abi


WINNER – Team 1


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Players must balance a ball on a disc attached to ropes.

Kelle and Ciera were eliminated first, followed by Kelly and Jeremy.

Abi is next, then Stephen and Andrew.

Kimmi and Tasha followed.

Remaining three for the final round – Spencer, Keith, Joe





Kelley – 9 votes (not counted)

Andrew – 2 votes


** Kelley played her idol



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