Survivor Second Chance November 18, 2015 Who got voted off 11/18/2015

It’s Survivor Second Chance week 9 and tonight, another castaway gets voted off and becomes the next member of the jury. Who do you think it is? Will it really be Kelley this time? Recap below.

Kelley felt betrayed by a few people and she’s right. Kimmi still wants her, Ciera and Abi out next. She tells Stephen, Joe and Kelly about it and Stephen agrees.

REWARD CHALLENGE – teams were divided into two with five members each. They must run through a maze and solve the puzzle to give them a combination and unlock a chest to raise a flag. Winning team gets a trip to Survivor Spa with massage and food.

Purple Team – Tasha (captain), Stephen, Spencer, Joe, Ciera

Green Team – Kelly (captain), Keith, Kelley, Kimmi and Jeremy

Abi wasn’t chosen.

WINNER – Purple Team


Back at the camp, Jeremy found another hidden immunity idol and he now got 2!


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – a balancing challenge in which players must stand on a triangular perch that is floating in the water. An advantage is given to the first who touches their buoy first and that is Stephen.



Stephen’s advantage – he can steal a vote from another tribe member. He talks to Kelley, Ciera, Abi, Jeremy and Spencer to vote out Kelly.



Ciera – 3 votes

Kelley – 2 votes

Kelly – 5 votes


ELIMINATED – Kelly. She becomes the 3rd member of jury


** Tasha voted off Ciera

** Keith voted off Kelley

** Kelley voted off Kelly

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