Survivor South Pacific finale airs tonight, December 18, 2011 on CBS from 8pm to 11pm ET. The first two hours is the show’s finale while the next one hour is the show’s reunion episode. The first part of the finale will determine the final three while the second part reveals the winner.

There are four players left – Sophie, Albert, Rick and Coach, plus two in Redemption Island – Ozzy and Brandon. But from those in Redemption Island, only one have the chance to return to the game and the final duel happens. The winner re-enters the game. Meanwhile, there are two immunity challenges that will happen before the final three results are determined. Who will outplay, outwit or outlast the others? Will the only remaining lady wins the game?

Are you ready for some spoilers? Maxx Fisher of TV Fun Spot have given the last remaining ones. If you are ready, then please continue reading.

The last duel happens which is between Ozzy and Brandon and Brandon was eliminated. Ozzy re-enters the game and wins the immunity challenge. Thus, he’s safe for elimination and guaranteed his spot in the final four. Who’s voted out then? It’s Rick Nelson. However, at the final immunity challenge, the winner is Sophie. For the last time this season, Ozzy is voted out again. He’s voted out exactly three times this season. He’s the last member of the jury,

Ozzy being eliminated means the final three are Coach, Sophie and Albert. Now, it’s up to the jury who they want to be the ultimate Survivor.

Are you still ready for the ultimate spoilers? It says Sophie is the sole Survivor. We’ll find out tonight if she really is the winner of the one million dollars. If ever, do you think she deserves to win?

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Update: Sophie wins Survivor South Pacific!

Ozzy vs Brandon – Ozzy wins the duel while Brandon becomes the 7th member of the jury.

First immunity challenge – build a stack and the one who makes the tallest blocks first wins immunity – Ozzy wins immunity!

Voting History – 2 votes Sophie, 3 votes Rick - Rick was voted off.

Final immunity challenge – Sophie wins immunity!

Last elimination – Ozzy was voted off.

Final three – Coach, Sophie, Albert